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A sandbox game that enables players to watch or take part in a warzone. Players will have access to a variety of tools and features that give them access to customize and change the battlefield however they like.





- Mouse to look around

- WASD to fly around

- E to elevate Q to descend

- Shift + Scroll will change the speed of the Camera (Move around faster or slower)

- Alt + Scroll will change the game speed (Slow Motion)

- Left Click to fire 30mm when not flying

- F to Take Control of Soldiers (Must be nearby to interact)



- Ragdoll bullet impact force fixed
- Faction UI changed to Dropdown
- Shirt Variation Options
- Pants Variation Options
- Blood Option Settings (Disable/Enable Bleeding or Set Bleeding Rate)


-  First Fully Destructible Map! - Omaha Beach WIP
- M1 Garand - Unfinished
- Kar98K - Unfinished
- American M1 Helmet
- German M40 Helmet Green/Black Variations
- American Ammo Pouch Vest
-German Ammo Pouch Vest


- Thigh Slots
- Skill and Threat Level functionality
- Optimization
- More Maps
- More that I can't currently name


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warbox-win.zip 873 MB
Version 12


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Nice game, but when you explode people, the terrain explodes with it, and sometimes they dont kill anyone. please fix.Ill be looking to donate :)


if you havent joined the discord yet, you really should because the dev streams himself making the game every now and then

its looks like sometimes they just killed 1 guy and they are done

very entertaining but the ai sometimes just dont killing anyone

pls low the graphic!

its very high!

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no offense, but the game (at least for me) is terrible, shooting the AI from spectator view  gets boring super quick, and when in third person the game lacks UI or any impact, shooting in third person feels like just pressing a button and nothing happening. Watching the AI fight is slightly entertaining, but still just isn't great, its kinda like being in spectator mode in a cod game. the map not only lacks a good color pallete, but has no color in general. And even with all this, the game has many bugs, within the first 5 minutes of me playing, i encountered a bug that would show every one of the AI's capsule colliders and gizmos, another where the AI would be in the T-pose and be un-killable, and may times i could not shoot. The game could be fun, it has potential, but right now the game is boring, lacks impact and is buggy


the game is barely getting of its feet, it will get better with time

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loveley new update


i can see a lot of potential in this game, its like ravenfield but somehow better. It would be nice if there were more weapon types but overall i like the game and keep up the good work, i hope you succeed.


Video made by @Cloaker from the Discord: https://discord.gg/B59r8n7

would be nice with various of colors i personally dont like the plain gray theme but besides that i love the game

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If you're not already in the Discord https://discord.gg/B59r8n7
This game has only recently been released, my plan is to improve it overtime. The plain gray is not final.